Movies”Latter half” Live at “EL-NAGUE” of December 30 , 2015

It is a live video at the annual Erunaji large year-end party of ” safaris ” solo project ” Terako Terao E ” of Terako Terao of .

” March to go to the apology .”
Fault fails in his or her . Expectations and pale that , ” that it would would forgive if a mistake in sincerely ” , ” might be offended soundly Maybe ” , mix the fear that , with the inner of the breast at the time of difficulty to apologize , and finished apologize a song that you want to express a sense of exhilaration when the

Use an OCTATRACK + FCB1010 + Melodica + WAVEDRUM





使用機材:オクタトラック + MIDIフットコントローラー + 鍵盤ハーモニカ + ウェーブドラム


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