LoopStation RC-2 – BOSS

The standard looper! RC-2 of the BOSS brand, you.

Looper life of Terako which has started from RC-20XL.
I had stocked YAFUOKU with RC-20XL which was under care so far and RC-50 for a new owner to arrive because I believed OCTATRACK in ELEKTRON a climax of a loop machine and was active now (It was a sampler strictly.)

But it’s troublesome to take a set like a fortress to go to practice lightly each time as it is troublesome to start and leave the engine each time for the man who has got Ferrari to go to a convenience store there a little. So this RC-2 I do battery drive of by a light-weight small size like the motorbike you can take comfortably, you, it’s bought, the reason to which I came.

You aren’t supposed to compare the function with OCTATRACK.

A tankman and an infantryman are compared for that.

He’s light-weight and small and driven batteries are the simple operability and Mr. loopers without things who surpass in this specialized point.

I wrote that even SP-404 is similar, but that isn’t a looper, a sampler.











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