MicroBrute – Arturia

Even live broadcasting is the analog synthesizer playing an active part.

I have no money which buys AnalogFour, as expected, some, I’ll want analog synth and buy it in one year later of OCTATRACK. The size sense is also securely next to OCTATRACK.

The midge midge, the soft and thick tone and the sharp tone also go out, but when turning an appetizer as “Brute Factor” when wanting the tone like the guitar of a roaring sound, it’ll be brutally, and you run wild.

It’s also the following explanation in a official site.

When narrowing-Brute Factor™ down, the depth and roundness can be felt in a sound. But when turning a knob to approximately more than 65 %, I begin to issue an insane feedback sound like whether MICROBRUTE blows everything. –




ブヨブヨとやわらかく太い音やシャープな音も出ますが、轟音のギターのような音が欲しい時に”Brute Factor”というつまみを回せば凶悪になり、暴れてくれます。


-Brute Factor™を絞れば、サウンドに深みと丸さを感じられます。 しかしおよそ65%以上にノブを回せば、MICROBRUTEは全てを吹き飛ばすかのごとき狂気のフィードバックサウンドを発し始めます。-


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