Movies”First half” Live at “EL-NAGUE” of December 30 , 2015

It is a live video at the annual Erunaji large year-end party of ” safaris ” solo project ” Terako Terao E ” of Terako Terao of .

It debuted the new song of the first day to create ” remodeled spirit -Prototype- ”
Painful thing and a sad thing that the heart to obtain a wide variety of experience , such as going to grow strongly and , a song you want to express the fact that it’s different things that will not feel the pain just by modifying the mind .
Production developing the prototype .




作成して1日目の初披露の新曲『改造された精神 -Prototype-』

使用機材:オクタトラック + MIDIフットコントローラー + おもちゃのカリンバ + フレームドラム + パンデイロ + その他


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