Movies”Omoiyari-Ga-Chini-Somaru” Live at “Namba Bears” of March 16 , 2016

Terako is a live video at Namba Bears Terao solo project of ” Terako Terao E” .
It debuted the new song of the third day to create ” compassion is stained in blood .”
Opponent of the situation , mood unilateral subjected ignoring the will , even if there is no offense that may be nearing the sword becomes a sometimes blade , a song that I would like to consider the good faith of the definition .

Use an OCTATRACK + laptopconga + NS DESIGN NTX-4 + Pandeiro + MicroBrute + FCB-1010




使用機材:オクタトラック + MIDIフットコントローラー + ラップトップコンガ + アップライトベース + パンデイロ + アナログシンセサイザー


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