Participation work – Pale Saints Official Video『Sight of You』

『Pale Saints – Sight of You (Official Video) 』

Coming ahead of Record Store Day on August 29th 2020, when Pale Saints early-90s Japanese singles compilation ‘Mrs. Dolphin’ finally gets released on vinyl, director Terako Terao has worked with singer Ian Masters to make a video for ‘Sight of You’. Shot in the Japanese countryside, this new promo is the first official video for one of the band’s most loved songs, coming over 30 years after its original release.

This version of ‘Sight of You’ is taken from their 1989 debut EP ‘Barging into the Presence of God’ (bad 910), with the track being re-recorded a year later when appearing on their celebrated debut album, ‘The Comforts of Madness’. This original version then appeared on 1991’s ‘Mrs. Dolphin’, a sought after Japanese CD compilation that rounded up all the band’s released early material.

Directed and edited by: Terako Terao
Shoot director: Xavier Senelar
Singer: Ian Masters
Elephant alien man: Elephant alien man
Shoot assistant: Minori Yonetani