R16 – ZOOM

Multi track recorder “R16” of ZOOM.

A thing is existence like a fossil already MTR in these days of the DTM height of prosperity, and each company is the current state which is being evacuated, but R16 of this ZOOM is the stuff also quite in common use in today.

A SD card enters first, so the worry of the body capacity is unnecessary.

When I’d like to move data to the PC, it can be exchanged by a USB cable, and I say surprisingly, that it’ll be also a controller of DAW!

It’s a driven battery, so when giving a live performance at a riverbed and a park, it’s practicable as a blender and there is also a phantom power supply, so the condenser microphone which is being put on PANDEIRO is also practicable!

The specification is 44.1khz 16/24 bits, so when it’ll be real recording, it may be severe, it’s very light by far the most, and it’s possible to input simultaneous 8 (for the number of truck, 16), so, the part where we’re all the members by band practice, according to the truck, it’s recorded, I make a spectacular showing in the use!

Moreover even an effect is be equipped with!

NI is also bringing at practice to the edge certainly.

Something very wonderful has come out by a multi-effector for these days’ ZOOM product, has not it?













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